Our company - Jeremias de Macedo & C.ª, Lda. - was founded in 1986. With more than 30 years old, we work in the construction and public works sector.

The founder - Jeremias de Macedo – stated in businesses by selling wood. Then, he conceive an industrial unit for selection and crushing of rocks. By this way, the company followed a vertical strategy.

In 1986, his five sons formed a company with a share capital of 50.000.000 shells (about 250.000 €) in order to continue the activities initiated earlier. Thenceforward, the company was successively undergoing a thorough renovation and an expansion from the renewal of the industrial space to the administrative services.

There were acquired asphalt plants for paving roads, a car park, and improved and increased our equipment as well as technical and administrative staff.

The investment and the evolution had always been a priority of corporate policy of Jeremias de Macedo & C.ª, Lda.

The purchase of equipment to replace outdated ones is the first line of action by maximizing our production and construction work.

In 1998, the company increases its capital to 315 million shells, about 1.600.000 €. In the same year and in association with Gabriel Constructions A. S. Couto, SA, the company acquired a 50% stake in the firm Abrical, Lda. headquartered in Miranda do Douro. This acquisition is related to common interests about the exploration of quarry aggregates in order to perform some construction work in this area of ​​the country.

In 2000, the company expanded its capital with an increase to 601,446,000 shells, the equivalent to 3,000,000 €.

At the end of 2004, Jeremias de Macedo & C.ª, Lda began a process of internationalization by investing in Angolan market and founded the XXI VIAS society - Engineering, Construction and Aggregates Mining, SA, an Angolan company, which holds 50% of capital share. In 2008, in Angola, Jeremias de Macedo & C.ª Lda founded Jeremias de Macedo - Angola, SA with 80% of their capital, dedicated primarily to quarrying and aggregates production.

Alongside with the activity of Construction and Public Works, the partners have another company – Sociedade Vitícola Foz do Távora, Lda., which operates in the production and marketing of olive oil and Porto & Douro wines. For several years, with a planting area of ​​thereabout 130 hectares, own winery and own brands (Quinta do Filoco, Filoco and Cincho), we are a reference of the Douro region.






Born April 1, 1917 and died on November 11, 1997, Jeremias de Macedo was what he conventionally designated a "self-made man." A simple rural worker in the vineyards on the slopes of Douro River became a regional reference businessman with a broad spectrum of businesses which were wood extraction, exploitation of quarries, through the public works, construction work, coming to production of Port and Douro wines.

Armed with a strong character, an unusual dynamism and a remarkable capacity of work, he built an enviable heritage but more than that he had made friendships and gained recognition by all who approached. With the support and advice of his wife, Maria Antonia, he bequeathed to their sons more than business and heritage. He bequeathed an admired and respected family name which must be preserved and given as an example to the future generations.